Water and Waste in Luz

Water (Água in Portuguese)
It has good quality and drinkable in the majority of places, bottled water is available everywhere. If you are ordering on a restaurant or shopping for water, normal water is água and fizzy water (carbonated water) is água com gás.

Águas de Portugal provides the local water distribution across Portugal, if you have a problem with supply or water shortage you can contact them directly to these numbers:

For water cuts: (0351) 800 222 425
For burst pipes: (0351) 800 201 600

Waste and Rubbish (Lixo in Portuguese)
Although Luz has a lot of recyclable spots, there is still a mix of normal trash dumpsters and recyclable spots, the recyclable spots are all underground and are color and sign colored, to the European standard:

Paper (Papel in Portuguese) the color is blue.
Packages (Embalagens in Portuguese) the color is yellow.
Glass (Vidro in Portuguese) the color is green.
Standard Trash (Lixo in Portuguese) the color is brown.



  1. Waste from uncollected bins are overflowing on the streets beside hotels,restaurants and apartments…it looks awful

  2. We are renting a lovely place in Luz and starting yesterday we don’t have any water. Woke up this morning and we still don’t have water. What are we suppose to do?

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