Telephones in Luz

Public telephones in Praia da Luz are located at the following locations:

  1. By the Habana / Lazuli cafes on the Avenida dos Pescadores.
  2. At the top of Rua da Praia where it joins Rua Direita, next to the bus station.
  3. In the Center opposite to the Baptista supermarket.
  4. Next to the Dolphin Restaurant in the Rua da Calheta.

Use pre-paid cards (available from newsagent and the Post Office) it works out cheaper and you can monitor your expenditure.

Dial 0044 for the United Kingdom from Portugal (don’t forget to drop the zero from the home area code). International access code for Portugal is 0351. No area or city codes required, use the whole of the 9 digit number. You will also need to use this prefix when using a non-Portuguese mobile phone in Portugal.

Calls made from bars, restaurants and hotels are usually much more expensive than the public phones in the street, however some places (especially if they offer internet service), might offer skype or cheaper calls.

Phone calls are cheaper on the weekends, holidays and from 21h00 to 09h00.


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