Lagos Train Station

There is a train station at Lagos, which is only about 10 minutes away from Luz. The railway system links Lagos to Vila Real de Santo Antonio (through Faro). There is also a link to Lisbon, which is about a three hour journey. In general the trains are fairly slow and do not connect the main coastal resorts, but they are relatively cheap and relaxing way to travel.

The CP (Trains from Portugal) Station in Lagos has a Ticket Stand, Taxi Service, WC, Waiting Room and a Bar.


Address : Rua de São Roque, Lagos
Phone : (0351) 808 208 208
Website :



  1. Many tourists do not realise that **some** of the Railway Stations on the line betweed Lagos (Portugual) and Real de Santo Antonioare (Portuguse/Spanish Border) are situated AWAY from the main Town Centres, walking distances differ between……….. ‘ a few minutes up to 3O Minutes….WALK. Always check approx distances from individual Railway Station to Town Centres, as a few Station are ‘out on the edge of the Countryside’. The train service overall is very good, spacious trains (unlike most modern day trains in Britain), Railway Staff ten out of ten for general helpful attitude etc. Remember to travel with a bottle of water as obviously it can become very hot. There are generous concession fares for the Retired but you MUST show orginal passport.

    1. yeah you are right with that… its because these are old villages and cities, and the railroad was built way after that, so it is sometimes far away from the center ^_^ good tip!

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