Praia da Luz Beach and Boardwalk are Closed!

Good Morning everyone! First of all everything is calm and relaxed in Praia da Luz, also since the 26th of March the Health Authorities in the Algarve there is not one case reported for the council of Lagos.

Yesterday the Lagos City Council decided as a preventive measure to close all the beaches, boardwalks and parking lots that serve the beaches in the council of Lagos, that includes Praia da Luz, so please follow these rules, the beach is now closed, the boardwalk is now closed, you cant also use the parking lots to access the beach as well.

Please stay home! But if you need to leave your home follow the safety rules i laid out before, you can still go for a nice short walk or take your dog for a short walk, just do it near your home, its that simple.

Ill repeat…

Praia da Luz is Closed! The Praia da Luz Boardwalk is Closed and the Parking Lots for Praia da Luz are Closed, do not walk there, do not pass there unless you really need to, thank you and stay home and stay safe!

Here is Lagos City Council Covid19 Directive 4 for download, ill also translate it bellow to English just in case:

– – –

4th Directive

In the sequence of the first 3 directives made on the 12th, 13th and 16th of March, as well as the evolution of the pandemic, the council of Lagos decided to implement the following measures:

  • The interdiction of the circulation of the population on the boardwalk in front of the river in the Avenida dos Descobrimentos (river side).
  • Close the access to all the beaches in the council, respective boardwalks or water fronts as well as parking lots for the beaches.

The council would like to ask for you understanding and for everyone to exercise their civic duty, following these as well as all the recommendations from the health authorities (

These measures will be monitored by the security forces, in their new capacities in the current national emergency and these measures will be under evaluation and update, these measures will start on the 27th of March for an undermentioned time frame.

– – –

That’s if for now, thank you, stay safe and if you have any questions feel free to comment, if there is any news that i dont know please use the contacts and send it to me, be smart and be safe, stay at home!

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