Outstanding Beach Water Quality in Praia da Luz

Meia Praia, Porto de Mós, and Praia da Luz, beaches located in the municipality of Lagos, have proudly raised their Blue Flags. This prestigious accolade is awarded annually to coastal and river beaches that meet stringent environmental quality standards. The symbolic ceremony took place at Porto de Mós beach and was attended by various entities involved in the process.

Representatives from the municipal executive, parish councils, Captaincy of Lagos Port, Maritime Police, Municipal Police, Civil Protection, Lagos Public Health, NECI – Núcleo Especializado para o Cidadão Incluso, Unilever Portugal (sponsor of the environmental education and awareness campaign “Lagos on the Summer Wave,” which is part of the Blue Flag program), lifeguards, and the Portuguese Environment Agency were present during the initiative. The Portuguese Environment Agency is responsible for verifying the criteria for awarding the Blue Flag, which includes factors such as Information and Environmental Education, Water Quality, Environmental Management and Equipment, Safety, and Services.

Furthermore, Meia Praia, Porto de Mós, and Luz have also received the “Gold Quality” distinction from the non-governmental environmental association QUERCUS this year. This recognition acknowledges their excellent water quality, further highlighted by the hoisting of the Gold Quality flag.

It is worth noting that these three beaches, along with Batata beach starting from July 1, are part of the “Accessible Beach – Beach for All” program. This program ensures that individuals with disabilities have access to suitable conditions and services that enable them to enjoy the beaches with equity, dignity, safety, comfort, independence, and maximum autonomy.

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