New Beach Rules in Praia da Luz

Almost forgot to add this, this year 2020 there are some additional rules to use the beaches in Portugal, these are:

On the Beach

  • Minimum distance of 1.5 meters between people (unless they are in the same group).
  • The state of occupation of the beaches will be made through traffic lights: green for low occupation (1/3), yellow for high occupation (2/3) and red for full occupation (3/3).
  • The state of occupation of the beaches can also be consulted, in real time, through an application for the mobile phone “Info Praia” available for Android or IOS or on the website of the Portuguese Environment Agency.
  • Circulation corridors, parallel and perpendicular to the coastline can be defined.

Awnings, Stems and Beach Huts

  • Minimum distance of three meters between parasols, awnings or stems;
    1.5 meters distance between tents.
  • Each person or group can only rent awnings, stems or beach huts in the morning (until 1:30 pm) or in the afternoon (from 2 pm).
  • Each awning, thatch or tent can only have a maximum of five people.

Bars, Restaurants and Terraces

  • Bars, restaurants and terraces will also have maximum capacity, as well as restaurants.
  • The terraces may have to be adapted in order to guarantee the safety distance.
  • The spaces must be regularly cleaned, at least four times a day.

Street Sellers

  • Street vendors of berlin balls, ice cream, etc. are now required to wear a mask and visor.
  • The routes that the salespeople take must be made with physical distance from people and, preferably, through the circulation corridors.

Activities, Sports and Equipment

  • Sports activities with two or more people are prohibited, except nautical activities, surf lessons and similar sports.
  • The use of seagulls, slides or indoor showers is prohibited.
  • Outdoor showers, sunbeds, mattresses or ashtrays must be cleaned daily or whenever they change hands.

These are all, please try and follow them and if you have any question please feel free to write in the comments.

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