Buses in Luz

Probably the cheapest and easiest way of traveling in through the Algarve is by bus. In Luz we have 2 bus lines, one that goes to Sagres (passing through every village on the way) and one to Lagos, unlike inside cities these run on a schedule so its important to have the timetable, these are available on their site (on the sidebar) as well as on the bus stops and on the terminals.

There are several bus stops in Luz, but the main one is the one next to the church (the one on the map), also next to the taxi stop, this is also a common pick-up or drop place for excursion or travel coaches.

The bus terminal is in Lagos, there you can take several short or long-run buses, to all of the Algarve, Lisbon and some parts of Spain.


Address : Rua Direita
Phone : (0351) 282 762 944
Time : From 6h45 to 20h30
Website : http://www.eva-bus.com/novo/index.php?lang=uk


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