Praia da Luz Emergency Services

Here are some of the services you might need when you are in the Algarve.

Emergency Telephone Number
Dialling 112 from any phone box is the same as dialing 999 ( in the UK ) or 911 ( in the US ). Just tell the operator which service you require. Police, Fire or Ambulance.
Remember to take your Passport with you when seeking medical attention.

British Consulate
In the event you have lost your passport, they are unable to issue new passports but may be able to assist you on getting back home without one.
Open :Monday to Friday, 0930 – 14.00. After 14.00 hours, at the weekend and on public holidays, when the Consulate is closed, there is an emergency helpline to assist British and certain Commonwealth Nationals in the event of death, serious illness, accident or arrest.
Emergency :(0351) 213 924 175 – This number is for emergencies only and should not to be used for general inquiries, particularly about visas, out of hours.
Address Largo Francisco A Maurício 7-1, 8500 Portimão.
Tel :(0351) 282 490 750
Fax :(0351) 282 490 758

Fire Brigade
There is no fire station in Luz, the nearest is in Lagos – 15 minutes. Dial 112 from any phone box and the operator will connect you. Note: Emergency Number for Forest Fires is 117
Address :Rua dos Bombeiros Voluntários de Lagos 8600-577 Lagos
Tel :(0351) 282 770 790
Fax :(0351) 282 770 799

There are none based in Praia da Luz, but there are regular mobile patrols that cover the Luz area. These are GNR Police (its important the distintion cause Lagos has 2 police stations, one is the city police and the other is the GNR Police). Dial 112 from any phone box and the operator will connect you.
Address :Rua General Alberto da Silveira 8600 – 594 Lagos
Tel :(0351) 282 762 930

There are 24 hour hospitals at Faro, Loule, Albufeira,
Portimao, Alvor and Lagos, all have English speaking staff.
Note :Remember to take your Passport with you.
Tel :(0351) 282 771 000

Hospital de Lagos
Address :Rua Castelo dos Governadores, 8600-563 Lagos
Tel :(0351) 282 770 100
Fax :(0351) 282 760 346

Lagos Private Hospital
Hospital Privado Sao Goncalo
Address :Av. D. Sebastião Lagos 8600-502 LAGOS
Tel :(0351) 282 760 181
Fax :(0351) 282 760 180

24hrs Medic / Luzdoc (Pointed on the Map)
This is a modern surgery just off the town square in Praia da Luz. International medical services. General medicine consultations and specialists are available. Complementary diagnostic test and ambulance service provided.
Address :Rua 25 de Abril, 12, Praia da Luz, 8600-174 Luz, Lagos.
Tel Emergencies : (0351) 919 869 700
Tel :(0351) 282 780 700
Fax :(0351) 282 780 709


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