Algarve Climate

All year round, the Algarve enjoys some of the best climate in Europe. With only a short period of rainfall (it rains occasionally between November and March) and long periods of sunshine, meaning that the Algarve region has excellent weather for enjoying a nice holiday.

During the summer months, temperatures are quite high, and with a great diversity of beaches, it greatly favors the beach related tourism. the beaches of fine white sand all along its extensive coastline and a calm sea with water temperatures of around 22°C in the summer period.

Due to its relief and geographical position, the Algarve is influenced climatically by the European continent, North Africa, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean. Also it is protected from the mountain range in the north that divides the Algarve from Alentejo, that created a perfect micro-climate.

The maximum temperatures in the Algarve vary, throughout the year, between 15ºC and 35°C and the temperature never falls below zero in the winter. This is why tourists from Northern European countries increasingly seek out the Algarve in the winter time, where they can still enjoy a mild weather and long hours of sunshine.

Average temperatures
Air temperature in summer: 24ºC to 29ºC
Air temperature in winter: 15ºC to 18ºC
Seawater temperature in summer: 21ºC to 24ºC
Seawater temperature in winter: 15ºC to 19ºC

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