Accommodation in Algarve

Being tourism the largest industry of the Algarve, its easy to find somewhere to stay for your dream holiday. There is a wide variety of excellent accommodations, apartments, villas for rent, campsites and inns, all around the region.

The tourist accommodation is classified as follows:

Hotels: offering a diversified supply of services and the possibility of meals; classified from 1 to 5 stars, depending on the quality of the facilities and services provided, as well as the location of the hotel.

Aparthotels: offering all the services of a hotel, as well as greater independence; classified from 2 to 5 stars.

Pousadas (State-run Inns): located in areas of exceptional beauty or in ancient monasteries, castles or palaces; divided into four categories: Historical, Historical Design, Nature and Charm. Accommodation is best booked in advance, especially on the high season.
Website: Pousadas de Portugal

Tourist Villages: accommodation classified from 3 to 5 stars; located in areas that include various services and support facilities.

Tourist Apartments: for those who wish to enjoy complete autonomy; classified from 2 to 5 stars.

Resorts: Resorts are a good choice for those wishing to enjoy a variety of leisure services and equipment in the same area with access to different accommodation options, either in the form of a 4 or 5-star hotel or another type of tourist establishment.

Tourism in a Manor House: Those who prefer to receive accommodation in a family environment can choose to stay in manor houses, palace-like houses or residences of recognized architectural, historic or artistic value, in either a rural or urban setting.

Tourism in the Country: Offering accommodation in country residences exhibiting the distinctive features of their particular rural setting, Tourism in the Country enables tourists to enjoy more direct contact with the local populations, their customs and habits, as well as with Nature itself. These accommodation units may be classified as:

  • Country Houses – these are houses located in villages and rural areas that still preserve the original design, building materials and other typical features of the local architecture;
  • Agricultural Tourism – this consists of accommodation on a farm, where tourists can take part in the agricultural work if they so wish;
  • Rural Hotels – classified from 3 to 5-star, these hotels are to be found in rural areas, respecting the original layout and architectural characteristics of the surrounding region.

Camping: Campsites are divided into two groups, classified from 1 to 4 stars: public campsites, open to all those who pay at the entrance; and private campsites where admission is restricted to members or special beneficiaries. These latter sites must display the letter “P”.

Nature Tourism: Whenever a tourist establishment is located in a nature protected area or in an area classified as being of natural value, it is included in the category of Nature Tourism, a practice that is recognized by the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Biodiversity. In this case, equipment and services must be provided that enable tourists to enjoy and interpret nature.

Note: In all forms of hotel accommodation, restaurants and travel agencies, a complaints book is always available, and all complaints are investigated by a dedicated governmental agency, the ASAE (Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica, translated to english, The Authority for Food and Economic Safety).

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