August Festivities in Praia da Luz

We are having an amazing Summer in Praia da Luz (as always hehehe), and we have the mid August festivities coming up, these will be in front of the Fortaleza, after the Church, they will be on the 11th (Friday), 12th (Saturday), 13th (Sunday) and 15th (Tuesday), there will be no Party on the 14th, on the 15th its a national holiday so it makes sense to add an extra day!

You can expect lots of snacks, food, sweets, drinks, live music, dancing, local crafts, a bit of everything, all the live shows this year start at 8pm but the party should start at around 6pm when most of the stalls will be open for business, its free admission as always and everyone is invited, enjoy!

Here is the official August Party Poster in Praia da Luz

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