The Dolphin Restaurant

The Dolphin is one of the high priced restaurants in Luz, specialized in South African Food, it has a good selection although a bit limited (the menu doesn’t change much with the years), still in the Summer is usually packed so and especially if you want a table, you should make a reservation.


Address : Rua da Calheta, 14a.
Phone : (0351) 282 789 992
Time : Only Dinners



  1. Hello,
    I’d like to make a reservation for next friday 7.7 at 7 o’Clock for 4 people.
    Is it possible?
    Best regards,
    Tuula Kilpinen

  2. The Dolphino is an excellent restaurant but I think it is only open in the evenings and their telephone does not seem to be monitored. My husband and I tried to book on 2 occasions but could not get any response. It would seem sensible to have their telephone switched to their landline if the owners are not available. If you run a business you have to work to the needs and demands of your clients, not your own.

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