Farmacia da Luz

The Pharmacy of Luz has been totally renovated, but its still on the same building (the LuzTur building, its the huge building right smack on the middle of Luz), its a normal schedule pharmacy, so don’t expect it to be open after hours, you can phone them if you have any problems or doubts.

If you need more info or need to find the closest pharmacy open (there is always one open after hours in every district for emergencies), you can check it here > ANF or Sapo Farmácias


Address : Edificio Luz Torre Fracção Z
Phone : (0351) 282 789 793
Time : Open Normal Hours

As a side note:

Pharmacies in Portugal are divided into 4 categories:

Pharmacy in “Disponibilidade” (Available) : Is a normal working available by phone Pharmacy (like the one in Praia da Luz).

Pharmacy in “Reforço” (Reeinforcement) : The Pharmacy only closes at 22h.

Pharmacy in “Serviço Permanente 22h” (Permanent Service until 22h) : The Pharmacy is open all day long until 22h.

Pharmacy in “Serviço Permanente” (Permanent Service) : The Pharmacy is open all day and all night long for 1 night (this is done with rotation between pharmacies, so one pharmacy does that and the next day another pharmacy does it, so please phone ahead or check the schedule on the links I’ve put above)


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