Spar Supermarket

Spar is located on the old Luz Cinema, its a bit more commercial than batista supermarket, while batista has a more diverse range, still spar has all the basic, plus a coffee shop and newspapers

Street: Rua 1 de Maio
Telephone: +351 282 763 053

Deliveries available
Open 8.00am – 10.00pm daily


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  1. hi
    I was given very poor service today at 10.06 am at Spar in Luz by Ana Miguel. She was brusque and curt and gave me no time to empty my trolley or load my shopping bag. I could not go any faster and had to load my bag on the floor at the door. She demanded that I do not take the trolley out to the car even as I struggled. And she even shouted after me that some bread had been left on the floor after the bag burst. Surely not my job to clear up the store? She was unforgiving and pretty rude. I planned to go back for more shopping but went to Baptista instead. She gets no points from me for lacking the basic courtesy of service.
    Derek Bateman

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