Praia da Luz Portugal

Banks in Luz

There are 3 banks in Praia da Luz, you can see them all if you go from Rua 25 de Abril into Rua Direita, since they are all close together, also all of them have English speaking staff and ATM machines, and they are:

Barclays Bank
Where : On the St James Apartment complex. On the ground flloor of the pink colored buildings at the top end of the Rua 25 de Abril.
Address : Urbanização de St. James, Lote 5, Cave, Montes da Luz
Tel : (0351) 282 002 180

Banco Espirito Santo
Where: On the St James Apartment complex, a little bit further into the center of Luz.
Address : Urbanização de St. James, Lote 4, Montes da Luz
Tel : (0351) 218 830 995

Crédito Agricola (were the map market is pointing)
Its on the corner of the town square about 100m north of the Church, where Rua 25 de Abril meets Rua Direita.

Note: There is also an ATM machine in the Batista Supermarket.


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